Saturday, May 4, 2019

April Kit Alice in Wonderland

Mad Hatter Hat
                  The Mad Hatter Hat and Tin are made with the Alice Accordion Book Kit from Alpha Stamps.

This Hat an Tin is made with the
April Kit Alice in Wonderland.

Alice Accordion Book Kit

Cut the SVG of the Matter Hat in Black Cardstock, you can find it in the silhouette store

MOURNER’S 3D TOP HAT by SnapdragonSnippets Design ID: 67665

Put the hat together following the Instructions

Take a piece of cardboard of 6-2 inch, this is for the table, Cut a door from Cardboard too make it round at the upper part and cover it with
the red polkadot paper
Paint the ornaments Black

Cover the cardboard with the Black and White paper on the sides it is 1 inch high

Glue the ornaments under the table with a few leftovers of the cardboard to put them higher.

Take a nice ribbon and put it around the hat and make a big bow, cut a window out of a collage sheet and place it on the front of the hat above where the door will come.

Cut the image from the Collage sheet and glue this behind the table, also glue the Loopy Filigree around the door and place the door on the front of the hat.

Take all the cake you have and place them on the table I had some cups and saucers in my stash so I used them too.

Take the small accordion book and place some small cards on it, take a piece of acetate and glue this on top of the hat now place the accordion on top of that.

Decorate the bow with some pins, and some other charms you like, glue a key on the door and cut
a cat from the collage sheet and glue it above the door.

Take a big round piece of cardboard and glue the hat on top of it place the table in front of it and glue it down too.

Take the  Alice Accordion Book Tin and cover the accordion album with paper.

Cover the tin in polkadot paper, paint the insert frame black and place it on the top of the tin

Cover the booklet with images 

Cover the last page with a smaller booklet and glue the tiny cards on them put a ribbon under it so you can close it.
Decorate the tin with some roses a few slices of the heart canes and a label from a collage sheet

I also had a big clock in my stash and I put an image of the rabbit with the clock in it

Decorate the Hat also with some flowers.

 Here is the material List:

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I love this!! I love how you used things in ways I never would've thought of!



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